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Boost Motivation

A practice that runs smoothly is vital to keep your staff productive and motivated. We can help your staff follow the proper administrative protocols.

More Collection

Coordinated billing for all medical and dental insurances. Save time and money.

Increase Revenue

Let us handle the paperwork to ensure your 30+ rejected claims are filed the right way to decrease your chance of facing obstacles in the process. Our experts can also assist you with credentialing, making the process smooth and simple.

Better Together

Your dental or medical practice needs a professional solutions service that maximizes provider collection, minimizes out-of-pocket costs for patients, and simplifies your administrative processes.

Introducing TriMed, a virtual billing management company specializing in credentialing, dental and medical billing, and practice consulting.

The TriMed Advantage

Other third-party billing and practice management companies only do dental or medical, not both. TriMed has years of experience, vast knowledge of insurance, and a streamlined method of getting claims paid. We cover:

  • Enrollment
  • Submitting claims and pre-authorizations
  • Following up on unpaid claims
  • Appeals

Here to Help You Grow

In addition to credentialing and billing, TriMed also offers consulting services to ensure your practice’s continual success, including scheduling and patient retention strategies, etc.

Ready to begin? Contact TriMed today for a free consultation.

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Ready? It’s Easy to Begin!

We’d love to learn more about your practice as well as show you how we can help you save money with TriMed.


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