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Insurance billing is complicated. TriMed makes it simple. We offer: dental billing, medical billing, and practice management. Upgrade your services. Learn more below.

Medical Billing

Many dental offices don’t realize the tremendous benefits for both you and your patients of billing for medical. For example, patients with pre-existing conditions may need procedures not covered under most dental insurance and can be quite costly for the patient. With TriMed in your corner, this can be billed to a medical insurance, saving thousands.

Dental Billing

Dental billing is, of course, critical to a successful practice. TriMed can handle all aspects, including pre authorizations, following up on unpaid claims as well as appealing denied claims or pre authorizations. Our experience ensures more of your procedures will be correctly billed, processed, and accepted in a highly efficient manner.

Practice Management

TriMed is there to make your entire dental practice operate smoothly. Our practice management solution will help guide you through the ins and outs of scheduling, recare, and patient retention. We will assist with hiring of staff and offer suggestions on phone etiquette. We can show you how to utilize your hygiene staff correctly, increase productivity, and much more.

Trimed Cleanup / Start Collecting Your Money

Trimed will troubleshoot your issues and recommend solutions that will Increase your collections reducing your headaches. Service includes:

  • Filter through unpaid claims & patient balances
  • Instruct your team on how to keep receivables down
  • Meet with us once, or as many times as you need!

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All of our services are offered separately, but TriMed works best as a package. Not only will you save money, you also stand to gain financially!


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